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An Intimancy Coach Is:

​As an Intimacy Coach, I can guide you to unleash the sensual and sexual being you were naturally born to be.  This gets overshadowed by stress, negative conditioning, and a lack of confidence.  Relationships are the highest contributor to your overall wellbeing and often get the least amount of attention. 

I create a sex-positive, safe environment for clients to express themselves without shame, blame, or guilt.  The topics hereunder are just some of the areas I can guide you through.

  • Guide married couples bring the spark and intimacy back into their relationship.

  • Guide couples to learn positive, effective communication skills.

  • Guide couples overcome a mismatched sex drive.

  • Guide women to experience more pleasure and orgasms.

  • Inform individuals and couples about pleasure and how to have better sex.

  • Inform couples how to experiment with different types of sexual play, fantasies, and role-playing.

  • Inform people how to explore power play and BDSM safely.

  • Inform adults about safer sex, STIs, and how to protect themselves during sex.

  • Guide couples to heal a sexless marriage and cultivate their passions and desires for better intimacy.

  • Inform individuals about their sexual anatomy like the G-spot in women and P-spot in men and how to achieve satisfying and pleasurable orgasms.

  • Guide individuals with dating skills as well as how to find their soul mate so they can embark on a long-lasting love relationship.

  • Inform individuals how to experience greater intimacy and spiritual connection through Tantra.

  • Guide individuals to heal sexual issues so they can experience more sexual self-advocacy.

  • Learn all about sex toys, the different types of sex toys, how to use them, and introduce them to a partner.

  • How to initiate sex with a partner, foreplay techniques, kissing, erotic talk, erotic massage, and more.

What Does An Intimacy Coach Do?

I assist individuals and couples in breaking negative conditioning and unleashing their inner sensual & sexual being they were born to be.  I guide people to improve intimacy with themselves and the sexual aspect of their relationship, which ultimately improves their relationship and overall well-being.   As an Intimacy Coach, I focus on future goals and empowerment of yourselves and your relationships.  I am not a Therapist.