what are aphrodisiacs & pheromones?

15 July 2021

What are Aphrodisiacs & Pheromones?

Do these all sound like foreign terms? There is lots to be explored in this space to have adult fun, play, create memories and develop a strong bond. Heard of Aphrodite? She was known as the Greek Goddess of Love, Beauty & Sexuality. Aphrodisiacs has its roots in Ancient Greece and comes from the name of Aphrodite.

Aphrodisiacs can be termed as a love potion. Usually, it is a source that is used to bring on sexual desire in people in the form of food, alcohol, or drugs. There is no scientific proven evidence that any food can stimulate the human sex organs. Food and sex are known to be two of the greatest pleasures to mankind. I am not surprised that food and the act of eating can stimulate desire within the body.

Sight, touch, sound, scent & taste are the five senses that can be used to lure sexual interest in an individual with an expected physiological response on the genitals to follow. Visually erotic food can stimulate our most erotic organ, our brain. Foods that resemble certain erogenous zones are referred to as phallic and yonic shaped foods. Some of these phallic foods are eel, carrots, cucumber, liquorice, bananas, etc Some Yonic food examples, oysters, mango, fig, peaches, kiwi, clams, passion fruit, etc

I am sure you were told ‘not to play with your food when you were younger’. This is opposite to that childhood lesson. You can play a variety of food games from starters to desert taking you through the stage of desire, foreplay to orgasm. Aphrodisiacs can boost your sex drive and spice up your sex life.

This is a list of some of the foods that are aphrodisiacs

Exotic Fruits

- Pomegranate

- Fig - Pineapple

- Dates

- Quince

- Papaya

Common Foods

- Mushrooms

- Honey

- Potatoes

- Onions

- Goji Berries

- Garlic

Oysters, Liquorice, Fresh Figs, Apples, Asparagus, Carrots, Chocolate, Green and Black Olives, Chilli Peppers, Baby Tomatoes, Bananas, Peaches, Pumpkin Pie or Seeds, Aloe Vera leaves, Cayenne Pepper, Ginger, Coriander

Pheromones are chemicals secreted by the body that act like hormones outside of the body to trigger a response of the other individual. This is a primal form of communication. Hormones work internally and have a direct influence on the behaviour of the individual that responds to the one secreting them.

Pheromones in humans maybe present in bodily secretions such as urine, semen, breast milk or vaginal fluids. Potentially saliva, breath, and axillary (armpit) sweat.

Some aphrodisiacs have been identified in the form of a scent. Both aroma and scents have a pleasant smell. Aroma refers to herbs, spices & food whilst scent is related to a fragrance.

Sexy aromas for men: Cinnamon, popcorn, pumpkin pie & doughnuts

Sexy aromas for women: Melon, chocolate, oranges & bread

Sexy scents for men: Vanilla, lavender & jasmine

Sexy scents for women: Musk, orange blossom & sandalwood

Additional scents that have been noted for their aphrodisiacal effects:

- saffron

- musk

- sandalwood

- patchouli.

Androstadienone is the term for a woman’s natural scent. Men can apparently identify a woman’s horniness or when she is not feeling it through a distinct scent. Androstenone, secreted only by males increases a women’s libido, especially if she is close to the time of ovulation.

There is so much to know and find out on this topic and I have shared a ridiculously small area that you can use to heat things up. Loveology University has a full course on Aphrodisiacs that you can take.

Start your exploration with food and what works for you, you will never know unless you try. What an incredible adventure to embark on cooking with passion & creativity, creating games to sizzle your relationship,

Attitude in anything you do is the important ingredient and can spice up even the smallest effort. A cube of ice can produce sensual and erotic feelings. The ice can be rubbed up and down your partners spine, behind the ears, down the neck and around the breasts, on the inside of thighs, and so on. Fresh cream can also be effectively used on different areas of the body and licked off. Hide a dab of honey on your body and allow your lover to find it.

Can you come up with a menu suggestion, now that you have some of the foods that are aphrodisiacs? Make it interesting with finger foods that can be easily fed to your partner. In all that you do, just make sure its fun!

Written by: Viloshni Moodley Published by Brainz Magazine