the ultimate guide to sensual massage

25 Aug 2021

A sensual massage seeks just one key ingredient. A very simple and effortless ingredient of intent, yes that’s it. One does not need to be a masseuse or have any experience to give a sensual massage. Know that you are in control and that you can plan the experience to be unique, enriching to your relationship, and a fulfilling experience to your partner.

A great way to maintain a connection and is nice to do. Through the action the feelings are expressed, making your partner feel honored and important. It’s a great way to bring back the spark or do this for a partner who has been feeling neglected – perhaps due to hectic schedules or an addition to the family, by surprising your partner with some quality time by planning a sensual massage. A sensual massage should not be seen as a precursor to sex, it is being attentive, focussed, and enjoying time with your partner, what happens after the massage is a bonus. Even if it is just cuddling together, the moment should be enjoyed with no expectations except carrying out what you intend to.

The best part of a sensual massage is that you make the rules, and no one determines how good it was except the satisfaction you will see in your partner's response to you. Your creativity and intention come to play here with no restrictions.

If it is your first time, here are some guidelines to get you going:

• Relax and do not stress, just do and be your best.

• The only person you want to satisfy is the person who loves you.

• Use the 5 senses as a guide

  1. o Smell – use scented candles or aromatherapy oils.
  2. o Hearing – play soft romantic music in the background.
  3. o Sight – if your partner is a male then remember that males are visual, wear something pleasing like sexy lingerie which will be sure to make an impression, and for a female keep the lighting down with candlelight or blindfold her to keep the element of surprise and excitement going.
  4. o Taste – bubbly and/or a simple platter of finger food (a mix of fruit, chocolates & food, or any choice that is pleasing to your partner) of which you can feed to your partner can be very sexy.
  5. o Touch – vary the type of touch from light to deep, use props if necessary – a feather, different textured objects – rough or smooth that can be used on the body, or material – satin, silk-feel good to the touch. Use props that are in the house (use your imagination) in summer you could use ice, in winter a soy candle wax that is safe to use and you could use your body parts too. There are no limitations, provided your partner consents to the massage.

• When setting up, have all you need in the room you will be performing the sensual massage to not be leaving your partner or getting them to move around.

• Ensure your partner is aware that they are in for a treat if you want to keep it a surprise so that they don’t take on something unexpected and leave you disappointed after the preparation.

• Make sure there are no disturbances or distractions during the time planned for the sensual massage. Ensure the kids are in good care, mobiles on silent, no deliveries expected if you both home alone.

Through the massage, you could tell them how they make you feel, how much you appreciate them, what you would like to do to them. Adding some erotic talk to the sensual massage will be a great addition. If you are not comfortable then take small steps till you become comfortable. Once you have completed the sensual massage, let the flow of events take its course. Ask for feedback and don’t be pushy. Find out from your partner what would they like to do next.

Remember a sensual massage is a wonderful way to reconnect with your partner and enjoy the unique sensation of touching one another. It can also be very soothing. Maintain that momentum and do not raise any contentious issues. Be sure to keep the flow sexy and light.

Written by: Viloshni Moodley Published by Brainz Magazine