Updated: Mar 27

Don’t know where to take the conversation with sexting?

Facts about sexting - Sexting is about creating visuals; - Getting flirty with sexy words; - Sexting can set the scene for virtual sex; - If a video chat seems much, try exchanging pics as a start till you become comfortable to video chat;


Here are some conversation starters to heat up the relationship:-

- Ask them to describe their fantasies and get them to share the details with you; - Choose an activity from their profile or you aware of to indicate how a certain activity or photo turns you on; - Ask where would they touch you if they were with; - Share what is your favorite thing to do in bed; - Get them to describe how they like to be touched; - Describe the naughtiest place you have had sex; - Tell them that you can’t stop looking at their photos; - Ask if they would like to see what you are wearing; - Ask for them to tease you

Use your imagination to take the conversation further....

Written by: Viloshni Moodley

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