Kiss er cise

10 September 2020

Try these exercises to improve your kissing technique: Place a soft chewy candy with the wrapping in your mouth. Use your tongue to unwrap the candy. Follow along the folds of the wrapper with your tongue. Lift the corners and push your tongue inside for a juicy reward! Chew gum for jaw strengthening pass time. This will enable you to open your jaw wider.

Tongue Stretching - Stick your tongue out as far as you can. Try touching the tip of your nose or as far as you can 15 times, in sets of three. Try to touch your chin with your tongue, again as far as possible, repeat 15 times in sets of 3.

Tongue Flexing - Try to make your tongue as stiff as possible then flat and swop between the two. Try to get to 50 repetitions.

Tie The Stem

1. Pluck the stem of cherry and place it on your tongue longways, parallel to your tongue;

2. Using your teeth and tongue, move the stem forward so that only half of the stem is on the tongue and then bend the other half underneath it.

3. Next, use your tongue to push the folded stem between your front teeth and bite down gently until the two ends cross over, forming a loop.

4. While holding the crossed-over stem between your teeth, use the tip of your tongue to push one end of the stem through the loop you've made. Try using your teeth to rotate the looped stem toward the end you are trying to push through. This might take a few minutes, but it is possible, especially with practice.

Written by: Viloshni Moodley