Whilst healing from my divorce about 10 years ago, I realized how the lack of sex education and negative messages around sexuality debilitated my ability to embrace my sensuality and sexuality.   


In discovering liberation and self confidence, I found the importance of becoming sex positive. 


I am Viloshni Moodley, a certified Sexpert.

About Me

Passionate Intimacy Coach



Ultimacy Online was founded to share sex-positive information with no shame or judgement.  The intention is to change generations to come by improving sex education and ultimately promote sexual health and safe behavior.

Sex is always referred to as taboo, a dirty word or action, and is mostly a forbidden topic.  The birds and the bees talk, sex education at school, watching porn, etc were mainstream for any sex ed received by most individuals.  In our society, most people grow up with a lack of sex education and sex-positive instruction.


I have a vision to significantly improve this negativity around sex education.  There are so many misnomers that need to be removed. 


Ultimacy Online will make you feel empowered in the bedroom and most importantly with yourself!

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